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Palani is a holiest resort for all the devotees of LORD MURUGAN. He is the son of LORD SIVA. Palani is located at the district of Madurai about 112km from Madurai and 152km from Trichi. The shrine of lord Arulmigu dandayudhapani swami is at the top of the hill nearly 500feet high, but there are several god and goddess surrounding the hill itself. Devotees reach the shrine either by climbing the fight of the steps or travel by the winches.

Devotees believe that Lord Murugan came to this scared place. Narada Muni, a sage, brought a golden mango to the divine court of Lord Shiva and Parvathi and gave the miraculous fruit Jnanapalam to them but they announced whoever completes a round of globe first will get the fruit. Lord Murugan moves fastly with his peacock. Lord vinayakar symbolize his parents as a world, so he circumbulated around them and got the fruits. Murugan thought he was cheated. He decided to leave them so pravathi calls Murugan as “Pazham Nee”. Hence Palani gain its popularity.

Devotee’s offers kavadis, tonsure ceremony, Annadanam, drop money in hundial to lord. Murugan is fond of panchamirtham. Thaipucam, vaikasi Vishakam, Thirukarttikai are the famous festivals as per the request of the devotees golden chariot is made. Palani is one of the revered 6 padai veedu shrines of murugan.


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